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South America survival kit

This time next week Dear Husband and I will be basking in the mist of Iguazu Falls, on the border between Brazil and Argentina! I absolutely cannot sleep! I lie awake for at least two hours with  my head filled with the adventures to come. I could leave tomorrow. Dear Husband on the other hand not-so-much. He is working like a demon, making Mojito money:) But when Sunday comes we are jetting off to the beautiful Buenos Aires!

Because I like doing these things, my house is an assortment of heaps- the clothes to be bagged, film to be loaded, medicine to be taken….I love planning trips.

Below my South American Survival guide in pictures:)


*Passport- mucho importante! *Spanish conversation guide…Si *And the doiche: dollars to be exchanged on arrival.

*Nikon F3, 50m *slide film galorem! 3x spools of old film- I love the stuff, whatever you get is always a surprise

*Mini pocket knife with tweezers *A word combination lock- because I don’t like numbers *Hand sanitiser Lemon-scented 🙂

*Eye make-up removal wipes in a mini pack *Mini toothpaste, for the plane *The best ever Wet-wipe tablets – you soak them in water and they unfold: reusable and eco-friendly! Yess! *Anti-aging factor 40 sunscreen for my lily-whiteness:)

That and a guidebook and we are A- for AWAY! So to 5 more sleepness nights:)